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Diablo 2 Installation

July 13, 2008

Diablo 2 Game: Once you buy Diablo 2 , which is an awesome game from Blizzard (can’t wait to get my hand on Diablo 3 ), you will have three of these: and of course the expansion from Diablo 2 : Lord of Destruction (if you also bought it): How to install Diablo 2 Nothing […]

How to install older games

June 18, 2008

Installing older games can have its benefits. Although an old game ( a.k.a. abandonware ) can not be compared with the amazing 3d computer games from nowadays it has advantages like: It’s free Older games are small in size If you get bored by playing an older game you can try a new one (still […]

Installing racing game Goin Downtown

June 16, 2008

First a short review: In this short action thrilling racing game you are this good looking charismatic hero named Jake. You will have to earn your living by patrolling the streets as a frustrated cop in the year 2072. As the story goes one morning as you walk through your home neighborhood you get to […]

How to install FIFA 08

June 13, 2008

Put the Fifa 2008 DVD into your dvd-rom. The auto-play should start. If not then manually start the auto play menu from Windows Explorer. Choose to install Fifa 08. The following setup screen should appear on your screen and you will follow the installation process. At all times you will be informed about the installation […]

Installing games

June 13, 2008

As my blog title is suggesting I recommend you to install each and every game you like and try it. Installing a game is not that difficult and although it might seem this way at first , I am going to guide you through the process of installing a game in a nice and easy […]