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Installing games and software on your mobile phone

Having a mobile phone is nothing much for you now, but remember when you first bought it! You were most likely pleased with your acquisition and you had to check it at least several times of day. After some time like all of us the monotony kicks in. Boredom sets in.. You get tired of it and you start changing themes, backgrounds. Most likely you would already have tried lots of new ringtones by now and even some stickers or cover changes.

Nowadays most mobile phones have integrated java support with JAVA MDP and with this in mind you can turn your mobile phone into the ultimate spy gadget or entertainment gizmo.

Getting new software or games for your mobile phone is not that hard, not costy either. There’s no need to buy java applications when you have some free alternatives. I would recommend at least one particular website called Get Jar (easy to remember as .jar is the extension of a java application, actually it is a compressed format that hold the actual application but you can remember by this term).

Get Jar home page: .

Go to this website and carefully select your mobile phone version and brand. This is an important step as some java applications are compatible only on specific systems and not all mobile phones have the same system. After this look through the pages and find the mobile phone application game or software that you like. Search the entire database as like I said there are some neat applications like some to recored your every call, to secretly record sound as a spy recorder would. Some other cool applications: to fake caller id, to fake someone calling you at a specific time, turn your mobile in a webcam for your laptop or desktop, encrypt sensitive data, etc.

As for games you have lots of games to choose from and although most are demo you will never get tired of your mobile phone now, at least for a while.

To install a java application there are two ways:

  • have internet enabled on your mobile phone and use your favorite browser to download the jar file. The mobile phone will ask if you want to install it, Choose yes
  • have the mobile phone connected to a pc with internet access. Use the pc to download the jar file and send it to the mobile phone. After this step clck on the received file and choose to install it.

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