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Diablo 2 Installation

Diablo 2 Game:

Once you buy Diablo 2 , which is an awesome game from Blizzard (can’t wait to get my hand on Diablo 3 ), you will have three of these:
Diablo 3 cd cover

and of course the expansion from Diablo 2 : Lord of Destruction (if you also bought it):

Lord of Destruction Diablo 2

How to install Diablo 2

Nothing easier. Just insert the first Diablo 2 cd (the installation cd, it says so right on Diablo 2 cd cover). Autorun from Diablo 2 will start. It should look like the picture below:

Installation of Diablo II
(picture with autorun with setup from Diablo 2)

You will see as in the screenshot provided above, that there are only three installation options for Diablo 2. These are:

Single Player (this is a small install, meaning 500Mb small – it will install only what is necessary for the game to run off the hard drive),

Multiplayer (the so called medium installation size: 900 Mb . Choose this option and the setup will install everything to the hard disk, all without the cinematic. For this you will be asked for the cinematics disc), and

Full (full installation at only 1.5 Giga Bytes – Installs everything you need to play the game, however you will still be asked for the CD for authentication purposes ).

Choose whatever fits for you. Enjoy Diablo 2.

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