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[a game installation guide]

How to install older games

Installing older games can have its benefits. Although an old game ( a.k.a. abandonware ) can not be compared with the amazing 3d computer games from nowadays it has advantages like:

  1. It’s free
  2. Older games are small in size
  3. If you get bored by playing an older game you can try a new one (still old though)
  4. You don’t need a super computer to play it

Also get an older game and play it for old time sakes, we shouldn’t ignore older games that we grew up while playing them. The nostalgia is still there! Believe me

Installing a dos game

Dos games are often incompatible with xp versions and not to speak about Windows Vista where such games are obsolete. You can see the conspiracy right? We are forced by the bigger companies like Microsoft to leave old software and games behind. We shouldn’t be! Would it have been that hard to implement an emulator to play these games ? No

Running the setup
Start the dos like game setup interface and write an install path. Install it and almost all old games have an auto configuration second setup file that will detect your adlib compatible sound card. Run the game. If it doesn’t work because of microsoft then right click on it on properties and under emulate choose windows xp. if necessary choose disable theme styles and run in 256 color mode.

Most games that refuse to start will run well after this configuration. Play your old game and remember abandonware is out there and it is free. Share it !

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