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Installing racing game Goin Downtown

Goin' Downtown cover

First a short review:

In this short action thrilling racing game you are this good looking charismatic hero named Jake. You will have to earn your living by patrolling the streets as a frustrated cop in the year 2072.

As the story goes one morning as you walk through your home neighborhood you get to stumble across an unconscious and knock down woman. She is a very attractive woman that doesn’t remember a thing about the past.

Having this Thrilling story play this captivating racing game full with Real-time lighting effects and an Atmospheric soundtrack.

To install this game:

Take the dvd of this game. This should look like the dvd cover above. Put the dvd into your dvd rom drive. First check the configuration of your system to see if you meet the minimum requirements of the game Going Downtown.

Goin’ Downtown requires at least a Windows XP operating system and a personal computer with a cpu of Pentium 4 with 2,0 GHz or greater, 512 MB RAM, at least 2 GB free hard disk space, a 64 MB video card.

The autoplay of the dvd should start just as you insert the disk. Everything else is actually straight forward. Choose to install the game, use another install path or go with the default one. The installation will start and it will even create a desktop shortcut. Play the game Goin Downtown and remember to keep the dvd in while you play as the game needs it even after installation.

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