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How to install FIFA 08

Put the Fifa 2008 DVD into your dvd-rom. The auto-play should start. If not then manually start the auto play menu from Windows Explorer.

Choose to install Fifa 08. The following setup screen should appear on your screen and you will follow the installation process. At all times you will be informed about the installation progress by a progress bar like in the Fifa 2008 install screenshot presented below:

Fifa 2008 installer

After installation start Fifa 2008 by using the icon created on the desktop. Before you start Fifa 08 make sure the dvd you used in order to install Fifa 08 is still in the dvd-rom drive as the game will ask for it.

2 Responses to “How to install FIFA 08”

  1. I put the disk inside the dvd-rom but said”Wrong cd/dvd please insert the originaly”but I insert the fifa08 dvd how?

  2. Hello,when im trying to install FIFA 08 i dont get the same window as you do,when its copying the new files it stops at the 2%
    Do you know what could be the problem?

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